Landing Pages are particular web pages visitors land on normally by clicking a paid advertisement

Customizing Your Landing Page(s)

Landing Pages have one goal: to convert visitors into customers. Unfortunately, at least 70% of visitors will not buy on their 1st visit which is why it is crucial [extremely important] to collect their name and email address. The reason you want to collect their email address is to add them to a email marketing list designed to automate promotions and product awareness.

Landing Page Design Matters

The design and layout of your Landing Page matter! If your goal is a 30% conversion rate, meaning at least 30% of your traffic signs up or contacts you, that Landing Page will most likely need the following: Call To Actions, 1-2 Contact Forms, Compelling Headline, Bright or Noticeable Buttons, Credibility (testimonials, reviews, awards, trust badges), 1 Popup (optional).

Analytics prove that successful Landing pages have extremely similar design and layout:

  1. Call-to-actions need to be immediately visible and noticeable.
  2. At least 1 contact form should be above the fold.
  3. Include credibility (reviews, awards, etc).
  4. Headline should be compelling and relevant.

To learn more about customizing and optimizing Landing Pages please contact Lucrative Web Designs.

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