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How Much Should You Pay for a Website?

Internet Marketing: SEM & SMM

Internet Marketing is using either or both Search Engines or Social Media to advertise your product/service.

SEM and SMM are equally effective, however, depending on your targeted audience one would usually perform better than the other. Choosing Social Media or Search Engines to market a product or service depends on the product itself and the audience (age, gender, etc) you are targeting. Best practices show that if your audience is younger than advertising on Social Media would be more effective, while on the other hand, if your targeted audience is older it would be wiser to use Search Engines for advertisement.

Search Engine Marketing [SEM]

Search Engine Marketing is paying “Search Engines” to show your advertisement above organic search results

Our research shows that Search Engine Marketing are mainly for businesses selling a service, rather than a product. In other words, companies that offer services (home repair, web design, legal advice, etc) prefer to use Search Engines to advertise because people, potential customers, are more likely to search the internet for services.

Social Media Marketing [SMM]

Social Media Marketing is paying “Social Media Platforms” to advertise your product/service

Social Media Marketing are mainly for businesses selling a product. Social Media is a great platform for selling or introducing new products. Industries such as Fashion, Beauty, Real Estate, etc prefer to use Social Media to advertise their products.

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