Advantages Of SEO

A lot of new website owners are constantly asking and researching seo. SEO means “search engine optimization” and in simple terms it is how your website is optimized for search engines particularly Google to Rank your website.

Of course you would want your website to rank on the first page of Google within your location and industry but it is not always that simple. SEO requires a lot of maintenance, updates, upgrades, and monitoring your competitors (competitor spying). If you really want to out rank your top competitors your website must be optimized for the best keyword phrase and you must outrank them in other factors such as quality banklinks, size of website, longevity, etc.

On average seo can take anywhere between 6 months to 1 year to really kick in. But if you are paying the big bucks you can afford expedited services because the company you hire (hopefully Lucrative Web Designs) will be putting in a lot of extra hours making sure you outrank your competitors.

Do Not Try To Do SEO Yourself

If you are not web developer, specialize in writing code, or an SEO expert please do not try to do SEO yourself because it will inevitably result to a waste of time. SEO is very delicate and there are a lot of ways Search Engines can tell if you are trying to spam them with keyword usage and other dishonest SEO Tricks. Also, search engines regularly update their algorithm so what works one day may not work another day. A good SEO company will have extensive experience with Google’s Search Algorithm along with updated information regarding the latest seo advantages.

For the most part, most companies will start by applying the recommended seo services in order to increase your website’s ranking. This services are:

  • Increase Page Speed
  • Build Quality Backlinks
  • Build Inbound Links
  • Create User Friendliness
  • Update Website With Quality Content
  • Insert Keywords in H1 Tag
  • Insert Keyword and Location in Meta Description Tag
  • Insert Keyword(s) in Title Tag
  • Insert Keyword(s) in Alt Tags
  • Insert Keyword(s) in Permalink Structure
  • Insert Keyword(s) in links
  • Add Bullet Lists
  • Increase Social Awareness
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Search Engine Optimization | SEO & Web Design Gainesville, FL

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