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How Much Should You Pay for a Website?

HummingBird $19.99/month

Let’s get you humming

Your website, our magic! Have Hummingbird make your page load faster, because nothing gets you humming more, than saving on those milliseconds. Why? Because your site rank also depends on your page speed and can greatly affect your user experience. Hire Hummingbird and her sidekick, Monitor, to fight those evil, ugly milliseconds!

Minify, shrink and combine

Humminbird’s shrink-ray will get you started: point and shoot! Reduce your file size by shrink and combining them, using our minification tool. Why? To save space, reduce communication time with your server, and to further reduce your loading time. In your face, milliseconds!

Browser caching + GZIP = Ludicrous speed

Have Hummingbird help you with browser caching for your visitors, to have your page load even faster for returning visitors. Hummingbird will also initialize her other superpower, GZIP, helping you improve your transfer time between your site and your users

Introducing Hummingbird’s sidekick: Monitor!

Have Monitor join the fight to track your up and downtime, or your average response time. He will help you analyze and evaluate your data to fight back the gang of evil milliseconds. Monitor’s notification system will help you stay on top of your game, sending you notifications regarding the latest events connected to your site.

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