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Internet Marketing is Crucial

Why Do You Need a Marketing Strategy?

If you want to improve your online sales you definitely need a marketing strategy that is effective. There are many Internet Marketing Platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, Social Media Marketing, etc) but it is most important that you have a strategy that will drive quality traffic to your website and not to mention a website that is able to convert web traffic (those visitors) into customers. The most common mistake businesses do is attempt to use a do-it-yourself tool/platform such as Wix or Squarespace to generate and convert leads while cutting costs.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Do It Yourself Platform

There are multiple reasons why you should NOT use a do-it-yourself tool. The first reason is do-it-yourself platforms don’t allow you to split-test. Split testing is having different versions of a website, web page, or landing page that is used to analyze results. The idea is to select the version that converts the best and repeat the process. Once you have done sufficient split-testing you will have landing pages converting at a least 50% because you have figured out what works and what your visitors are looking for.

Which Marketing Platform Should You Use?

(Google Ads, Social Media Ads, etch…)

It depends. All marketing platforms are useful, you just need to know how to use the market to your advantage. The #1 rule is never try to convert someone directly from social media, it is a waste of time because there are way too many distractions (notifications, statuses, messages, alerts, newsfeed, etc). It does not matter how incredible your product or service you are trying to sell, all it takes is a split-second to get distracted and there goes your sale. It is preferred to post links to your website and allow your website to do the converting. That is what your website is designed for, to collect information or payment from visitors. When they click the link from social media and visit your site you now have their undivided attention and your website will handle the rest.

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