American Gutter Inc

American Gutter Inc desperately needed a redesign. They’ve been in business for nearly 20 years however their website had some serious problems converting visitors into customers.

Their website loaded extremely slow due to huge images that were not properly optimized and resized. There was also no organization or user friendliness so visitors did not enjoy navigating their site and was exiting within seconds after visiting. Finally, their website lacked effective “call to actions” and they only had one contact form which was on the contact page.

Our Approach

This company needed a serious website redesign because they were losing potentials customers on a daily basis. We discussed and incorporated search engine optimization which was their main focus and priority since they well-known in North Florida. The owner stated that their company has recognition through “word of mouth” and when people type “seamless gutters” their website needs to pop up immediately. They’ve achieved 1st page ranking within a couple months and is now ranking within the top 5 for searches related to “North Florida Seamless Gutter”

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