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How Much Should You Pay for a Website?

Redesign Your Website

Giving your website a facelift is called website redesign. It refers to giving your website a better look to achieve more results. One must look at the quality of the content so that there is an all-in-one approach regarding what visitors to the site are seeking. Site owners dread website redesign because it is deemed expensive. It is also a tedious process. Before you decide if you going to redesign your website, you must first be able to answer the questions why and how you would you go about it.

If the method you used in the past was tedious, expensive and short-lived, something is wrong somewhere. Website redesign is supposed to be cost effective right from start. One viable option is what we would call growth-driven approach to Website redesign. In this approach, the website is designed in such a way that you make work for the present while preparing for the future in terms of performance and updates. Through continuous monitoring, it becomes easy to correct data on what clients are looking for.

Important Redesign Factors

There are some important performance metrics one should consider while redesigning their website. The payload time, for instance, is an important aspect. One must, however, consider others like session time, pages per session, conversion rate and sales growth during the website redesign.

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