Why Are Custom Websites Lucrative?

Well, custom websites are lucrative for multiple reasons. Custom websites create professional branding. If you want customers to take your services seriously they must perceive you as original, trustworthy, credible, and professional. A custom website for your business will definitely distinguish your online presence as reputable.

Another important feature custom websites carry is the ability to customize content and personalize information. If you customize your website to target a specific audience you will have greater success with conversions. The audience you are targeting will determine whether you should have a light theme or dark theme, should your website be interactive or straightforward, need bigger font, and whether it should be flashy or simple. Hiring Lucrative Web Designs to design a custom website for your business is the best thing you could do.

Do Not Purchase Templates

The reason I do not advise anyone to purchase templates is because they are already built a certain way and is extremely difficult to expand. Custom websites are built so they can expand and upgrade easily. Templates come equipped with extensive plugins and applications that in most cases are not even necessary for the purpose of your website, and will only decrease page speed or confuse visitors. Templates are designed to look good and not perform good, that is why it is best to hire a web design company to build you a custom website that will look and perform good.

Last but not least, you want total control over your website’s performance. Custom websites perform incredibly better than templates because they are capable of expanding. In order for Google to rank your website on the first page it needs proof that your website is growing, expanding with fresh content. Every month if not week your website should expand. This means upgrading functionality and user-ability of your website:

  • Add Blog / Blog Posts
  • Add Photo Gallery / Photos
  • Adding More Services
  • Adding Recent Projects to Portfolio
  • Adding Certifications & Rewards
  • Adding New Accounts
  • Adding Partners
  • Adding Membership Area
  • Adding Online Store


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