Benefits For Ranking #1

How to Rank 1 in Google Search is extremely challenging, time consuming, but very rewarding. It takes a lot of necessary tweaking, modifying, updating, and upgrading to successfully rank on the 1st page. The bigger the website and the better the content, the higher the ranking…of course.

Trust me, if you desire to rank 1 in Google Search for your industry it will require a lot of website maintenance. The important factors for ranking 1 are:

  • Building Backlinks
  • Permalink Structure
  • Fresh Consistent Content
  • Page Speed
  • Internal Links

Which is the most important?

I personally believe that building backlinks is perhaps the most important seo factor for ranking high in search engines. Backlinks are links that are “linking back” to your website. If high priority websites are linking to your website Google will assume that your website is valuable and credible and will increase your ranking. In order to build quality backlinks your website must have tons of rich content.

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