Templates and Do-It-Yourself Tools Will Not Maximize Results

You cannot cheat success. Being a cheapskate will only limit your results.

If you want to create and maximize online success you will have to hire the professional to build a brand for your business (online identity), accumulate web traffic (search engine optimization / google ads), and develop a custom website that is growth-driven (interactive, conversion-based, expandable).

Successful Internet Marketers and Business Owners realize that it is not about having a website, but having the right website that is capable of performing the right tasks.

Buying pre-existing templates and/or using “Do It Yourself” tools (Wix, Squarespace, etc) is a sure and short path towards failure. This is because successful websites need to be designed and built uniquely.

Pre-existing templates are already built with a specific purpose and everything is already connected making it impossible or extremely difficult to add functionality and interactivity. The Do It Yourself approach will lack the functionality needed to create results.

Cheapskates (people trying to do it themselves) do not realize that it is not easy converting visitors. They usually have to fail in order to realize and accept the fact that there is a science behind influencing visitors to sign up. We, Internet Marketers and Experienced Web Developers, already know this and more importantly know how to turn visitors into recurring customers.

Website need to be built to convert visitors. Everything matters, from the color of your buttons (call to actions), to how long the contact form is, to where your contact information is, to how easy it is to navigate your site and locate our services, to how mobile friendly your website is, etc.

Let the Web Experts at Lucrative Web Designs create the results you deserve, desire, and need!

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